Open Letter

To: Applicants for the Innovation Superclusters Initiative (ISI) in Montreal
From: The Montreal Artificial Intelligence (AI) community


We are Montreal AI, and we are excited to meet you.

We are building the 21st-century AI economy and culture here in Montreal. Through good luck and hard work, we have been recognized by the world for our leadership in AI.

We are a diverse and complex ecosystem, with many participants. We are united in our belief that AI can help our city, country and world.

Our network includes:

  • User groups
  • Professional organisations
  • Universities
  • Startups
  • Service providers
  • Educators
  • Academic researchers
  • Angel investors
  • Established enterprises
  • Artists
  • Individual practitioners
  • Venture capital funds

You will be a crucial part of this network. You represent Canada’s faith in us. We want to work with you to build an AI industry with local roots and global reach.

Our community has a tradition of open communication. Let’s speak transparently and frequently. We are most effective when we work together.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Help us put this city, and Canada, at the forefront of the next economy.


Evan Prodromou,, CEO,

Vaughn DiMarco,, Co-Organizer, MTLDATA

Vincent Boucher,, President & CEO, MONTREAL.AI

Matthieu Di Mercurio,, Co-Organizer, MTLDATA

Ary Bressane, Co-Organiser, MTLDATA; Senior Data Scientist, mnubo

Yoshua Bengio, Professor, Head of MILA, Université de Montréal, IVADO, MILA, Element AI, CIFAR,

Doina Precup, Associate Professor, McGill University,

Joelle Pineau, Associate Professor, McGill University,

Sylvain Carle, General Partner, Real Ventures,

Hugo Larochelle, Research Scientist at Google Brain,

Dorian Kieken,, CEO, Age of Minds

Paul Cuciureanu,, Hacking Health, NodeSchool, MtlGreen

Sylvie Gendreau
Les Cahiers de l’imaginaire & lecturer at Polytechnique Montreal

René Saint-Pierre,, Co-Founder, ENVISION.AI

Jean-Francois Gagné,, CEO, Element AI

Nicolas Chapados,, Co-Founder & CSO, Element AI

Jean-Sebastien Cournoyer, Co-Founder, Element AI

Anne Martel,, Co-Founder & SVP Ops, Element AI

Philippe Beaudoin,, Co-Founder & SVP Research, Element AI

Gabriel Duford,, Co-Founder & SVP Dev & Tech, Element AI

Jeremy Barnes,, Co-Founder & Chief Architect, Element AI

Andy Mauro, co-founder and CEO, Automat

Bryan Minor,,

Matt Fogel,,

Stéphanie Tessier, Montréal.AI,

Mehdi Merai, Co-founder & CEO, Dataperformers,

Will Salmon, Hi and Blockchain Evangelist,,

Mathieu René, Software Architect, McAfee,

François Eric King, cofounder,,

Eunice You, Research Team, Aifred,

Claude Théoret, CEO, Nexalogy,

Brittany Flamank, Campus Coordinator, Maison Notman House,

Abhishek Gupta , Co-Founder & CEO, aifred,

Denis Labelle, Co-founder, President, Google Ambassador, Google+ Creator, Google+,

Emmanuel Blanchard, Researcher in Artificial Intelligence in Education; Co-founder, IDÛ Interactive Inc,

Roberta Voulon, Co-founder & President, Les Pitonneux;,

Alexis Smirnov, Co-founder & CTO,Dialogue,

James Walker, Lead Software Developer,,

Vincent Rives, Database administrator, Healthcare network

David Dufresne, Partner, 500 Startups Canada,

Frederic Bastien, Co-founder & CEO,,

Rodrigo Hartmann, Engineering Manager, Expedia Inc,

Philippe Deschenes, Director Technology, Strategic Initiatives, Expedia,

Sylvain Pronovost, Director, R&D, Artificial Intelligence, LORAN Technologie Inc.,

Jean-François Martin, Head of Products, mnubo,

Louis-Pierre Gravelle, Partner, patent attorney, Robic,

Aditya Pendyala, VP & co-founder, mnubo,

Dominique Bélanger, Managing Partner, Coinvest, BDC Capital,

Abhay Ghatpande, Chief Results Officer, QuixotiQ Innovation,

Eleonore Jarry-Ferron, Investment Manager, Brightspark Ventures,

Nathan Zylbersztejn, Chief Robot, Mr. Bot,

ilias Benjelloun, Creative Director, Desjardins Lab | Montreal NewTech,

Samantha Bilodeau, Founder,,

Sydney Swaine-Simon, Co-founder and AI XPRIZE Montreal Advocate, District 3,

Loris Dzagoyan, Co-founder,,

Patrick Poirier, Founder & CTO, EruditeAI,

Etienne Garbugli, Author, Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want,

Mathieu Dextraze, Account Manager, Images et Technologie,

Audrey Nadeau, Director – Partnerships, Keatext,

Christian Jacques, Partner, Fasken Martineau,

Dhafir Burhan, Director of R&D, eVision Inc.,

Thibaud Marechal, Head of Platform , Real Ventures,

Ludwig Magueur, Owner, CFO à la demande,

JP LeBlanc, VP Product Engineering, Shutterstock,

Valentine Goddard, Lawyer, artist and community outreach worker, Self employed ,

Amir Moravej , Founder & CEO, Botler AI,

Ritika Dutt , Co-founder & COO, Botler AI,

Alain Bidjerano, Vice président et associé, Hyperliens,

Eric Bégin, Founder and CEO, inLibro,

Tiago Tex Pine, Data Analyst & Economy Game Designer, Hibernum,

Martin Lessard, Directeur général , MT Lab,

Laurent Maisonnave, CEO, Seevibes ,

Peter Bailey , Partner , Flow Ventures ,

Noah Chaimowicz, CEO, Yourworking Inc,

Kevin Chen, CEO, Cofounder, Hyasynth Bio,

Matthew Leavitt, Doctoral Student in Neuroscience, McGill University,

Kajal Puri, Data Scientist, Antuit,

David Rowley, self, self-standing,

Gilles Lajoie, Directeur général, SOQUIJ,

Jean-Charles Beaudin, co-founder & data-science lead, mnubo,

Zafarali Ahmed, Student Researcher, McGill University; Datalogue,

Emil Vanjaka, Associate, Fasken Martineau,

Isabelle Bégin, Deep Learning Researcher,,

Philippe Chevry, CEO, Nash Agency,

Guillaume Thoreau, UX Designer – Consultant, GTUX,

Jan Arp, Director, Formfintech,

Schüle Marc-Olivier, Co-Founder, Myelin,

Marise Bonenfant, Information professional, Myelin,

Denys Normandin, Regional president, Reseau M,

Gabriel Tremblay, CEO, Delve Labs,

Robert Fratila, Co-Founder & Director of Machine Learning and Technology, aifred,

Loïc Bertron, CTO,,

Jonathan Lebensold, Co-Founder, Paradem,

Mohamed Musbah, Head of Product, Maluuba (Microsoft),

Jonathan, CEO, SanDB,

Rahul Mehrotra, Product Manager, Maluuba, Microsoft,

Marc Levasseur, Consultant communication et affaires publiques, None,

Zachary Devereaux , Director, Public Sector Solutions, Nexalogy,

Bart Simon, Director, Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology, Concordia University,

Manuel Vonthron, Data engineer, mnubo,

Nicole Fu, Partner, Nav.Marketing,

Thomas Jelonek, Founder / CEO,,

Ousmane Diarra, Advisor, Digital communications, Montréal International,

Rahul Mehrotra, Product Manager, Maluuba, Microsoft,

Daniel Harris, Chief Technical Officer, SociVolta Inc.,

Cassandra Girard, GVP, Head Consumer and Travel Industries, SAP Hybris,

Evan Henry, Lead Research and Software, Nectar Technologies Inc,

Angelique Mannella, Associate VP, Innovation, McGill University,

Yimin Nie, Data scientist, Morgan Stanley,

Jean-François Barsoum, Executive consultant, IBM,

Zeineb ben mami , Miss, Concordia University ,

Christian Goudreau , CEO,,

Paul Desmarais III, Executive Chairman of Portag3 Ventures, Power Corporation of Canada / Power Financial Corporation / Sagard Holdings ,

Amine El Kaouachi, Co-Founder, Head of Research, Golden Square Mile Asset Management,

Sebastien Roy, CEO, Lean Systems,

Edouard Ferron-Mallett , Co-founder, Mr. Young,

Godot Huard, Entrepreneur, Quantitative,

Carolina Bessega, President, Stradigi Labs,

David Jones, Chief Product Officer, LANDR Audio,

Vincent Leclerc, Partner, PixMob,

Charles Truong , Chief Digital Innovation, PixMob, klik,

Daoud Piracha, Student, McGill University,

Craig Buntin, CEO, SPORTLOGiQ,

Jaime Camacaro, CTO, Stradigi Labs,

Martine Bertrand, Research Scientist, Stradigi Labs,

Luis Da Costa, Research Scientist (AI), Stradigi Labs,

Yongfu Hao, Research Scientist, Stradigi Labs,

Danica Meredith, EdTech/Learning science, MtlEdTech, McGraw Hill, Venture for Canada,

Stéphane Dupuis, Business Partner, DRTP Consulting,

Lei Yu, Founder & Chief Architect, Northstar Informatics Inc.,

Charles Cao, CEO, Service ECVictor Inc.,

Ben Clayton , Co-founder , Plus Four ,

Vikrant Tomar, CTO,,

Pholysa Mantryvong, CEO, ENKIDOO.AI,

Pierre Sabbagh, CEO, Roof Ai,

Samuel Dergel, Principal, Dergel Executive Search,

David Bordeleau, Co-Founder, Managram,

Josh Nursing, Systems Engineer, AI, Yashlabs,

Sarah Jenna, CEO and Co-Founder, My Intelligent Machines (MIMs),

Fady Atallah , Co-founder & Head of Development, Infinite City,

Rene Pronovost, Director Operations, Maya Heat Transfer Technologies,

Maryam Ziaeefard, Research Scientist, StradigiLabs,

Maxime Beaudoin, CEO, Tonique Studio Inc.,

Veryan Goodship, Business Development Manager, OpenReg,

Francis Quintal Lauzon, Chief Technology Officer, Clemex Technologies,

Ryan Weinstein, COO, Pillr,

Mickael Camus, COO/CTO, My Intelligent Machines,

Alexandre Cadrin-Chênevert, MD, Radiologist, B.Ing., Applied medical imaging machine learning researcher, CISSSL,

Christian Dansereau, PhD student in computer science, University of Montreal,

Joe Younes, Founder @ Aukan and contobox,,

Kevin Forest, Co-Founder, HD Énergie,

David Rollert, Principal, David Rollert UX,

Yu Zhang , Ph.D, McGill University ,

Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo, Professor & CSO, UQAM & My Intelligent Machines,

Andrew Doyle, Software Developer, Montreal Neurological Institute,

Kevin Forest, Co-Founder, HDEnergie,

Kate Caldwell, UX Researcher & Information Architect, Interaction Experience, Collège Salette,

Guillaume Chabot, Entrepreneur, District 3,

Hugo Larochelle, Researcher, Google Brain,

James Arruda, Territory Account Manager, Electrobac,

Sébastien Dostie, Creative Director, M&E Technical Advisor, self,

Gillian Nycum, Director, Humanize AI and Human Impact Lab,

Francis Raymond, Student, Polytechnique de Montréal,

Adrian Gonzalez Sanchez, Data, AI & Business Club Co-Director – HEC

Montreal, HEC Montreal AEMBA,

Gillian Nycum, Director, Humanize AI / Human Impact Lab,

Martin Bouchard, CEO, SenseAI Technologies,

Laviva Mazhar, Sr. Analyst, Ferst Capital Partners,

Madusha Cooray, Founder, Communitech, Waterloo Region,

Yann Larrivée, Founder, ConFoo,

Philippe Collard, Founding Partner, Yabusame